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I’ve known people who have canceled travel plans because their child’s sleep is such a challenge and they don’t want to risk it getting worse. Or they go on vacation and are miserable the whole time because no one gets any sleep. Does this sound familiar? When I hear people get anxious about traveling with […]

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Whether you call them the “Terrible Twos and Threes” or “Terrific Twos and Threes,” we all know that toddler life is crazy –  good crazy and messy crazy. With this newfound independence and language often comes some sort of sleep regression or change in sleep patterns, and one great tool to introduce at this time […]

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toddler sleep regressions

We hear about the four-month regression and other baby sleep regressions all the time, but we don’t hear about toddler sleep regressions as often. However, they are just as real, and honestly, sometimes more challenging! We often hear about the “18-month regression” and the “24-month regression” (or “two-year regression”), so we’re going to break it […]

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A few months ago, as I was getting our 4-year-old ready for bed and was moving her through her bedtime routine, she said, “Mom, I feel like you’re bossing me around.” That comment really made me pause! I can certainly get impatient sometimes, I’m not perfect – but I really wasn’t being impatient, I wasn’t […]

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blackout ez solution

Do you know how dark is dark enough for your child’s bedroom? When it comes to your little one’s sleep environment, the ideal level of darkness is, “I can’t see my hand in front of my face.” I know that sounds impossible, and with lots of “blackout curtains” out there, it is impossible! And now that spring […]

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daylight savings

Raise your hand if you think daylight saving time should just be done away with! (You can’t see me right now, but my hand is raised high.) The good news is that “springing forward” isn’t nearly as brutal as “falling back”; the clock will say 8:00 am when you wake up rather than 7:00 am, […]

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My oldest was NOT an independent player when we transitioned from napping to quiet time. She didn’t even like being in a room by herself! So when the time came to drop her last nap, I was nervous. But I put on my former elementary teacher hat to figure out how we were going to […]

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no more naps

Whenever I speak at mom groups or wrap up with a toddler family and mention when it might be time for their little one to stop napping, I often get confused or nervous faces and some hesitation. It’s scary to think about your little one no longer taking a nap! One, how are you going […]

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sleep training plans

When I had my oldest, I had certainly heard of “sleep training,” but the only thing I knew about sleep training was that you had to lay your baby down, walk away, and let them cry until they fell asleep (also known as the Cry-it-Out Method). [Spoiler alert, that’s not the only sleep training method, […]

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bedtime routine

When I was first told 3.5 years ago that I should establish a nap and bedtime routine with my baby girl, I was a little overwhelmed. What would we do? What song should we sing? Would this really matter for a newborn? What if we somehow messed it up? So Jason and I chatted through […]

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Being a parent is beautiful and messy, but when it comes to most things in parenting, all it takes is a plan - AND a whole lot of grace. Each week, Lauren will share new sleep tips and tricks, or simply real life parenting moments. She'll also interview other experts to share practical advice to help us navigate pregnancy, birth, babies, and beyond, with "plans" and "graces."