Hi, I'm Lauren!

Pediatric Sleep consultant

Alexandria, Virginia

Hi! My name is Lauren Engler. I live in Northern Virginia with my husband, Jason, and my two girls, Olivia and Avery. We are now confident parents of young girls who share a room, but it wasn't always that way. Olivia was a great sleeper as a newborn, but when she was four months old any "success" we had with sleep ended; I went back to work, she started daycare, and the dreaded four-month regression hit. I had no idea how to manage it all and just wanted sweet time with my baby. We entered survival mode and it was all downhill from there with inconsistent naps, rocking endlessly, and nursing through multiple night wakings…until she was ten months old and this tired mama and teacher was on summer break and on a mission to sleep! With Avery, however, everything was different. We knew what to expect re-entering newborn world, but this time we knew how to encourage healthy sleep skills from the start.

I’m here to tell you that sleep deprivation is real! I know what it’s like to spend hours feeding, rocking, and re-rocking a child to sleep. I’ve experienced the endless night wakings. I’ve struggled with inconsistent and short naps. But what if I told you bedtime could be fun? What if you could shut the door, walk away, and have confidence your child would fall asleep within minutes? How would you spend your evenings if your child slept a consistent 10-12 hours each night? Not to mention napped regularly during the day!

I became a sleep consultant because you need someone who has been in your shoes, can personalize an effective plan to teach your child independent sleep skills, will encourage you when it's tough, and can help you and your child sleep with confidence!


• Bachelor in Kindergarten and Elementary Education (Penn State University)

• Graduated Sleep Sense Consultant Training and Mentorship (2019)

• Worked with families locally and internationally

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My Sleep Philosophy

The Sleep Sense™ Method was created out of a strong belief that healthy sleep habits make for healthy children. A well-rested child is curious, energetic, happy, playful, and eager to learn. When you place your trust in me to get your child’s sleep on track, I want you to know that I take this responsibility very seriously, and I also approach it with (or “via”) grace!

• Personalize a holistic and developmentally appropriate plan that gives you the tools necessary to solve your unique child’s sleep challenges, step by step.
• Emphasize the importance of your child’s sleep and the benefits of teaching him or her independent sleep skills.
• Get to know your child and family as I follow-up regularly to encourage you, track your child’s sleep successes, and answer any questions and concerns you may have.

When I work with your family I will: 

A quick note about crying:

When we work together, I will NOT give you a sleep plan that includes the Cry-It-Out method. As crying is a baby’s main way of communicating and protesting changes, there will very likely being some crying involved. However, note that I will not ask you to leave your child crying by themselves for extended periods of time, and I will give you a set plan around how to both give your child time and space, as well as comfort and support as they're learning this new skill of sleep. In all of this, the result of working through a sleep plan together is confidence in sleep and rest for everyone!

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What about breastfeeding?

You can absolutely continue to have a wonderful breastfeeding relationship with your child AND sleep! I was able to nurse both of my girls for 17 months and still enjoy full nights of sleep and consistent naps during the day. When we work together, I will help you structure your child's days and nights so that we can meet both your feeding and sleeping goals. 

Recent Review

“Lauren was great to work with—friendly, supportive, and understanding. I couldn’t believe the progress our baby made in such a short time. Now just a few weeks later—we all feel like new people—because SLEEP!” 

- Angi E. from thailand

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