Hi, I'm Lauren!

founder & Sleep consultant

Alexandria, Virginia

I'm an elementary-teacher-turned-sleep-consultant in Northern Virginia, wife to my wonderful hubby, and mama to two big girls who share a room and sleep in their own beds all night long, and a baby girl who sleeps through the night while still sharing a room with us.

We were not always confident when it came to our girls' sleep. It started off pretty rough, actually... 

Our oldest was a great sleeper as a newborn, but when she was four months old any "success" we had with sleep ended. I went back to work, she started daycare, and the dreaded four-month regression hit. I had no idea how to manage it all and just wanted sweet time with my baby, so we entered survival mode. And it was all downhill from there with inconsistent and short naps, endless rocking and nursing through multiple night wakings, bouncing on the yoga ball, repeat.

One night I actually FELL with our four month old in my arms as I was walking to her crib after what felt like the hundredth wake up, yet I thought that’s just the way it had to be and she’d eventually figure it out. So we kept stumbling forward with her sleep for another six months.

When she was 10 months old, this tired mama and teacher was on summer break and on a mission to sleep! And after just a few days of sleep training, she was falling asleep in less than ten minutes, sleeping through the night, and taking great naps. She was happier, I was happier, and we were all finally well-rested. 

I’m here to tell you that sleep deprivation is REAL! 

I know what it’s like to spend hours feeding, rocking, and re-rocking a child to sleep. I’ve experienced the endless night wakings. I’ve struggled with inconsistent and short naps. 

How would you spend your evenings if your child slept a consistent 10-12 hours each night? Not to mention napped regularly! I became a sleep consultant because you need someone who has been in your shoes.

You need someone who can personalize an effective sleep training plan to teach your child independent sleep skills, will encourage you when it's tough, and can help your family sleep with confidence.

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But what if I told you bedtime could be fun? What if you could shut the door, walk away, and have condience your child will fall asleep within minutes?

Thanks to Lauren, in three weeks, she was falling asleep by herself, pacifier free, and sleeping from 7 pm to 6:30-7 am with no night wakings. 

It seriously feels like a miracle.

- Emily V. from thailand

Hey Y'all, I'm Maura!

pediatric Sleep consultant

ocean springs, mississippi

After years in the corporate world, I’ve shifted gears to being a stay-at-home mom and now sleep consultant in Southern Mississippi. I am a Montessori-mama who chases her curious toddler around every day. Our baby was born after struggling with infertility, and he felt like a true miracle. And while we were filled with joy, we were also met with the challenges of postpartum depression, a tough breastfeeding journey, and inconsistent sleep.

I felt hopeless at times – why weren’t my body and dreams working out how I had planned?

Baby J was born in the height of Covid, so we were not only new parents struggling to find a new sense of routine, but we had entered the parenting world alone, without family able to help. I have always had anxiety, so while I anticipated postpartum depression to an extent, my depression and isolation tendencies kicked into high gear, and it was hard. Throw in a baby who was hungry and not sleeping, and a mama struggling to breastfeed, and no one was sleeping.

We were in survival mode, all day, every day. I assumed I was supposed to “suffer through” the sleep deprivation. But I soon realized something needed to change – I needed sleep. If I wasn’t thriving, my sweet baby wasn’t going to thrive.

When Baby J was six months old, I knew I had to find a solution and that I needed one-on-one support. My goal was for all three of us to get quality sleep, while also maintaining a secure attachment and meeting our son’s developmental needs. I found that in Lauren’s personalized approach.

Our lives changed drastically within the first 48 hours of sleep training, so I decided to help change the lives of other families by walking alongside them in their sleep training journey.

Now Baby J is a toddler who still sleeps in his own crib, all night long, and he loves his sleep. While he’s continued to grow and change, his sleep foundation has remained and we’ve been able to navigate sickness, thunderstorms, and moving without missing a beat. You can have the same confidence with your little one’s sleep!

Our Sleep Philosophy

We hold a strong belief that healthy sleep habits make for healthy children. A well-rested child is curious, energetic, happy, playful, and eager to learn. When you place your trust in us to get your child’s sleep on track, we want you to know that we take this responsibility very seriously, and we also approach it with (or “via”) grace!

When we work with your family we will: 

• Personalize a holistic and developmentally appropriate plan that gives you the tools necessary to solve your unique child’s sleep challenges, step by step.
• Emphasize the importance of your child’s sleep and the benefits of teaching him or her independent sleep skills.
• Get to know your child and family as we follow-up regularly to encourage you, track your child’s sleep successes, and answer any questions and concerns you may have.

A quick note about crying:

When we work together, we will NOT give you a sleep plan that includes the Cry-It-Out method. As crying is a baby’s main way of communicating and protesting changes, there will very likely being some crying involved. However, note that we will not ask you to leave your child crying by themselves for extended periods of time, and we will give you a set plan around how to both give your child time and space, as well as comfort and support as they're learning this new skill of sleep. In all of this, the result of working through a sleep plan together is confidence in sleep and rest for everyone!

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