Does any of this sound familiar?

• You dread bedtime.
• Your baby wakes up multiple times throughout the night.
• Your child needs to be rocked, fed, or laid with to fall asleep.
• Your child takes short naps or refuses naps altogether.
• Your toddler regularly wakes up before 6:00 am.

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And here's a little doesn't have to be that way!

Together we will walk through a personalized sleep training plan that will solve your little one's exhausting sleep habits and get your family the rest that you need. 

Four Steps to say goodbye to night wakings

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Lauren is the perfect sleep consultant -- she's an incredible knowledge base, a celebrate-the-victories coach, and an encouraging counselor. 

- Sterling E. from Virginia

She helped our family go from dreading a sweet, predictable time together with our baby before he falls asleep peacefully. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Sleep Schedules

Trying to figure out what kind of schedule is best for your little one can be overwhelming. Where do you even start?! Whether you have a newborn, baby, or toddler still napping, this guide will help you find a schedule that works!

Bedtime Routine Chart and Boundary Cards

Does your toddler or older child struggle with bedtime? This guide includes a bedtime routine chart and boundary cards for you to print and use to help as you implement a more predictable and consistent bedtime for your little one!

My Favorite Baby and Child Sleep Products

It can be so overwhelming to choose which baby/child products you need and want, because there are so many out there! Check out some of our favorites, which of course include sleep essentials!

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I will forever be grateful to Lauren for helping us sleep train our then 10 month old son! We reached out after hitting a breaking point - our son was waking up several times a night and needed to be rocked back to sleep and/or breastfed to sleep every time. While this system was good enough when he was younger, it no longer worked for us as he grew older and heavier.

- Carla b. from washington D.C.

And we were able to achieve this in a gentle way that didn’t compromise our values as parents or the attachment bond that we have with our son.