My Favorite Baby and Child Sleep Products

There are so many baby and child sleep products out there and it can be overwhelming to decide which ones you should use. As a pediatric sleep consultant, these are the  products I regularly recommend to others, as they will help ensure a great sleep environment and routine both at home and while away! Not only  have I used most of them with my own daughters, but I also trust and work alongside many of these companies, so some products below include affiliate links. . 

Blackout EZ


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Hatch Rest Clock

Dohm and Rohm
Sound Machines

Woolino 4 Season Ultimate Baby and Toddler Sleep Bags

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After a year of no sleep and reading every book and trying every trick we reached out to Lauren who was very friendly and helpful through our sleep training process. She was willing to help us problem solve along the way and tailored our plan to meet our family's needs. 

She gave great recommendations for products... 

...and was always willing to listen to concerns or questions to help guide us to better sleep habits for our daughter. We highly recommend her services to anyone struggling with sleep for their child.

- Kate N. from Virginia