It's never too late for your little one to learn how to sleep in their own bed, all night long

For kids 18 months -8 years old

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sleep training plans for toddlers & young kids

You don't have to 'wait until they go to college'

Toddlers are quite the adventure. They are bursting with language, they're not just walking but running, and their little personalities are becoming more distinct every day. And as they keep getting older, their independence grows. They eventually don't need a nap anymore and at some point they transition to a big bed. And at the same time, they're constantly bursting with new language and are incredibly mobile. And while all of that newness can make sleep really challenging, it doesn't have to stay that way - you don't have to simply wait for it to get better! After three weeks of working together, you can kiss your little one goodnight and walk away, knowing with confidence they'll fall asleep within 5-15 minutes and stay asleep, in their own bed, all night long. 

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Bed time does not have to be a dreaded time

Toddlers and young kids thrive on routine and boundaries, as well as independence and responsibility. In our time together, we will walk you through a step-by-step sleep training plan to support your child as they learn to fall asleep independently and stay asleep in their own bed all night long. Your sleep training plan will include:

tips to ensure your child's sleeping environment is safe and ready

an age-appropriate schedule and routines to implement

day-to-day instructions through a sleep training method at bedtime

guidance for how to approach night wakings

a plan for nap time or quiet time, if applicable 

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grow confidence in your child so they can sleep consistently  & independently

Work With Us

We offer a variety of sleep support options for families with toddlers & young kids ages 18 months - 8 years old.

Standard Toddler & Young Child Package


questionnaire to get to know your child & family

60-90 minute consultation to review your personalized sleep plan

Daily sleep log assessment

3 weeks of unlimited Email, text support, & scheduled FOLLOW-UP CALLS

A "Sleep tool kit" to navigate future sleep changes

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Basic Toddler & Young Child Package


QUESTIONNAIRE to get to know your child & family


3 support emails, as needed, throughout the 3-week plan

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An Toddler & Young Child Sleep Training Plan is For You


You want to kiss your child goodnight, knowing they won't get out of bed until morning

You're ready for your toddler to actually take a nap or have a quiet time

You want to wake up to your alarm clock instead of footsteps in the hallway

You're ready to enjoy a quiet evening after a battle-free bedtime

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How the Process Works

at A quick glance

choose a package

Select which sleep package will best support your child & family. You'll then be led to sign a contract and pay the invoice. 


You will then get a questionnaire to fill out about your child's sleep and your family's schedule and goals. 

book a call

Next you will book a 60-90 minute call with Lauren or Maura to go over your child's
sleep plan in detail. 

personalize a plan

Your sleep coach will then personalize a sleep plan for your little one that we'll go over together in detail on our call. 


We will be in touch over the phone and/or email to further navigate your child's sleep as you implement the plan.

Get sleep

We're confident that by following the plan with consistency, your little one will sleep in their own bed, all night long!

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Do you use the Cry-it-Out method?

No! The Cry-it-Out method means you lay your little one down, walk away, and no matter what the level of crying is, you stay out of their room until morning. While our sleep training plans do most often involve some level of protesting, we walk parents through a plan to give their child the time and space they need to fall asleep, while also comforting them and supporting them along the way. You can read more about our sleep training (and crying) philosophy here

Does it matter if my toddler is in a crib or a bed?

We strongly encourage parents to keep their child in a crib until as close to the age of three (or later) if possible, as we've seen quite a few sleep challenges crop up when toddlers transition into an open bed too soon. That being said, we have worked with two and two and a half year olds who are already in open beds, with no way to go back to their crib, and it has worked out. However, we tell parents that they may not see full success, or it may take longer, as their child is still young for an open bed. 

What if my child shares a room with another sibling?

It is absolutely possible for siblings to share a room and both sleep well! The ages of the children and whether or not they are both struggling with sleep will determine how we will carry out the sleep training plan. 

Can we work together if I don't live in Northern Virginia or Mississippi?

Yes! The beauty of technology is that we are able to work with families local to Alexandria, Virginia or Ocean Springs, Mississippi, as well as those worldwide! All of our interactions are virtual, whether you're local or not. 

How do I know which package is best for my child?

This is totally based on how much support you will want during your little one's three week sleep training plan, as you will get the same personalized sleep plan with both packages. With the standard package, we will check your sleep log daily and provide regular feedback. You will also have unlimited access to ask us questions. With the basic package, you are essentially implementing the plan on your own, but have access to emailing us three times during those three weeks to gain any further guidance. So it all depends on what level of support will make you feel the most supported and confident in the process! 

As a parent, it can be overwhelming to decipher where to invest in support for your child.

We totally understand the feeling, and we want to support you to make the best decision for your family & little one. 

If you’re uncertain about what package or sleep plan option is the right fit or have additional questions about working together, you can book a 20-minute call to connect with our team before booking your service.

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Start learning about sleep right here

With so much information about babies and baby sleep available, sometimes, you just need to start small.

Our library of resources and sleep recommendations are freely available to support your family’s sleep journey.

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We reached out to her about our third child who was 18 months old, waking up multiple times a night and getting up for the day before 5am! I appreciated that she really took to heart the things about our bedtime routine that were important to us and created a plan that would work with them. By the end of our time working together our kiddo was sleeping past 6 am and sleeping through the night. I would have thought 3 kids in that we had it together but Lauren really had some new tips for us. 

- jen from florida

My five year old was never a good sleeper. I was starting to think that waking up several times a night and starting our day at 5 am was just our normal. Until I met and worked with Lauren. She was excellent to work with. She was in touch with me as much as I needed throughout the whole process. My son now sleeps through the night and gets up at a more reasonable time in the morning. He is so proud of himself and he is much happier during the day."

- stefany from virginia

 Our 2 year old was just not interested in a full night's rest but Lauren came to the rescue. She gave us a sure fire plan. We followed the plan and it worked, that simple. Lauren was always responsive to questions and concerns which made all the difference. The toddler who did not stay asleep AND rose with birds, is now happy to get to bed and gets a full night of uninterrupted sleep (and afternoon naps). 

- veronica from washington D.C.

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