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Confidently lay your newborn in their bassinet AND enjoy all the sweet newborn snuggles

The first few weeks of your baby's life are so beautiful and so uncertain. Your family has just grown, you're bonding with this precious life, and you're learning all of their new sounds. You're trying to figure out how to feed your baby, your body is healing, and sleep is so interrupted. Whether this is your first baby or fifth, every newborn experience is completely new because every child is different! While it's not time to sleep train a newborn, positive sleep habits can be cultivated during these early days and make long term sleep even smoother…

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You don't just have to survive, you can thrive

Those early newborn days are both so beautiful and so exhausting. Frequent wake ups and seemingly endless feedings are "par for the course," and lots of snuggle time is both sweet and necessary. AND you can start establishing daily rhythms and sleep routines so you and your newborn can gain confidence in sleep from the start. Newborn Sleep A to Z will include:

tips to ensure your newborn's sleeping environment is safe and ready

daytime schedule and routine suggestions  as you enjoy contact naps and practice bassinet naps 

guidance for how to approach bedtime and night wakings

realistic expecations for what your newborn is capable of doing at this age

lots of grace for the tougher days and nights

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Work With Us

We offer a variety of sleep support options for families with newborns ages 0 - 16 weeks.

The Course: Newborn Sleep from A to Z


Until your baby is 16 weeks old

60 minutes of video teaching all about newborn sleep

printable guide with the course details and charts

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The Course + Basic Support Package


until your baby is 16 weeks old

QUESTIONNAIRE to get to know your child & family more

two support emails to be used, as needed

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The Course + Standard Support Package


until your baby is 16 weeks old

questionnaire to get to know your child & family more

unlimited Email support

scheduled phone calls, as needed 

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60 minutes of video teaching all about newborn sleep

printable guide with the course details and charts

60 minutes of video teaching all about newborn sleep

printable guide with the course details and charts

I used to FEAR the nights, but now I actually ENJOY them...Lauren graciously answered ALL my questions and helped me creatively problem solve for both my newborn AND my toddler (whose sleep continued to be all over the place until we got help!). Her knowledge, resources and experience truly helped transform our daily life from one of survival to all of us THRIVING because we were actually sleeping! 

- heather from virginia

 Lauren's approach allowed us to gently instill good sleep habits early on while still offering lots of love and support to our baby. It was helpful when she reassured us that specific issues were normal for that age or gave us suggestions on things we could try to work through an issue. Our son was a very happy baby in part because of Lauren's support in helping us give our baby the best sleep we could. At the end of 12 weeks, our son was sleeping 10 hours at night and was sleeping 11-12 hours a couple weeks later.

- jackie from virginia

I was spending 45+ minutes every night and most nap times trying to coax my baby to sleep by rocking. I was desperate for my time back and my poor rocker was starting to have an imprint of my body...I was skeptical at times, but I stuck to the plan and what seemed like miracles began to happen. Lots of firsts - first time sleeping through the night, first time falling asleep without the swaddle, first time falling back to sleep on her own after waking up...Now my sweet babe at 4 months old gets laid down in her crib, drowsy but not asleep, and falls asleep on her own - without me rocking, shushing, patting, anything! 

- kayla from georgia

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This Newborn Sleep Course is For You


You have a newborn who won't sleep anywhere but in your arms or in your bed

You're expecting and want to learn as much as you can before your baby is born

You want to get whatever sleep is possible in those exhausting newborn days

You want to enjoy the cuddles and know that your newborn can sleep in the bassinet

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Will this newborn sleep course work for breastfed babies?

Yes! As a breastfeeding mom myself, I'm passionate about making sure you know that no matter how you feed your baby, they are capable of sleep! You will learn how to practice keeping your newborn awake during feeds and separating sleeping from feeding, so your baby does not rely on the breast (or bottle feeding!) to get to sleep. 

Will my newborn sleep through the night as a result of this course?

While I have seen some newborns start sleeping through the night by 16 weeks, that is not the norm nor the expectation. It is very developmentally appropriate for your baby to still need night feedings, and this course and plan will walk through how to navigate those feedings. 

Can we work together one-on-one if I don't live in Alexandria, Virginia?

Yes! The beauty of technology is that I am able to support families local to Northern Virginia, as well as those worldwide! All of our interactions are virtual, whether you're local or not. 

As a parent, it can be overwhelming to decipher where to invest in support for your child.

We totally understand the feeling, and we want to support you to make the best decision for your family & little one. 

If you’re uncertain about what package or sleep plan option is the right fit or have additional questions about working together, you can book a 20-minute call to connect with our team before choosing your package.

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