4 Month Old

"I knew Lauren as a teacher before I knew her as a sleep consultant. The care she always gave to her students gave me confidence that working with her, she would give the same care to our family! We are so grateful for her knowledge, patience, and detailed plan that took into account our family lifestyle and our son's needs. We no longer dread bedtime and can end our days with a smiley little boy who knows how to put himself to sleep. We cannot recommend Lauren enough!"

- Sarah S. FROM pennsylvania

"We no longer dread bedtime..."


"Working with Lauren was INCREDIBLE! I send her info to every new mom because the sleep skills she imparts to your kiddo are invaluable. Before working with Lauren, I truly felt overwhelmed by all of the information out there about sleep. I took a popular online sleep course, poured through articles and books recommended by friends, and at the end of the day, I was still confused and I dreaded what bedtime (and nap time) would bring. After reading Lauren’s blog and following her Instagram, I felt confidently that working with her was right for our family.  Now that I’ve worked with her, I can say that working with Lauren is right for every family! Her wealth of knowledge and personalized support are incomparable. Thank you, Lauren!"  

- Molli A. from virginia

3 year old

"Before working with Lauren, our 3 year old was relying on a pacifier to sleep, waking up multiple times a night, needing someone with her to fall asleep (even for allll those night wakings), and sometimes getting up for the day as early as 5 (and never later than 6:30). Thanks to Lauren, in three weeks, she was falling asleep by herself, pacifier free, and sleeping from 7 pm to 6:30-7 am with no night wakings. It seriously feels like a miracle."


"It seriously feels like a miracle."

2 year old

"Still kicking myself that it took us over a year to find her. Lauren is the sweetest sleep fairy I have ever met! Our 2 year old was just not interested in a full night's rest but Lauren came to the rescue. She gave us a sure fire plan. We followed the plan and it worked, that simple. Lauren was always responsive to questions and concerns which made all the difference. The toddler who did not stay asleep AND rose with birds, is now happy to get to bed and gets a full night of uninterrupted sleep (and afternoon naps). My husband and I are pretty happy about that too :) She is truly treasured in our home!"

- Veronica F. From washington D.C.

6 month old

"Wow! Why didn't I use a sleep consultant like Lauren with my first child?! Seriously, we were so very thankful to be able to use Lauren's services to help our sweet baby girl learn how to sleep. Before Lauren bedtimes were always a gamble; people putting her to sleep so we could have a date night was a mess; and nap times with my little 2yr old toddler constantly interrupting and messing up me trying to rock/nurse/shhhh her to sleep - YIKES - I was becoming one stressed mama. In less than two weeks (!!) little lady was sleeping through the night, bedtime put downs became easy, and naptimes? She is rocking them! So thankful for all Lauren's time and care to help us get to a more peaceful and confident place."

- Laura H. from virginia

"Why didn't I use a sleep consultant like Lauren with my first child?!"

18 month old

"We cannot recommend Lauren and her sleep services enough! She helped us to care for our little one when we didn’t know how to ourselves. We are so grateful to walk away from our time with her better rested, and feeling fully equipped to navigate our little one’s sleep moving forward!"

- Tess V. from pennsylvania

"She helped us to care for our little one when we didn't know how to ourselves."

16 month old

"So incredibly thankful to have worked with Lauren! In less than one week, our 16 month-old daughter went from co-sleeping to sleeping on her own for 12 hours without any significant wakings! Naps were a challenge as well, but Lauren was dedicated to helping us with our stubborn girl! Lauren created a specific sleep plan for us and was always willing to tweak as necessary. She has been reliable, patient, and accessible. Please allow Lauren to help your family too! It has meant the world to having our nights back."

- Meredith C. from Virginia

4 month old

"Lauren is the perfect sleep consultant -- she's an incredible knowledge base, a celebrate-the-victories coach, and an encouraging counselor. She helped our family go from dreading bedtimes that lasted up to two hours (and always held lots of tears) to a sweet, predictable time together with our baby before he falls asleep peacefully. We couldn't be more grateful for her help!" 

- Sterling E. from Virginia

"...from dreading bedtimes...to a sweet, predictable time together..."

12 month old

"We decided to hire Lauren after months of failed attempts to sleep train. She helped us learn what to do when plans A, B, and C all failed. Our little boy took longer to figure out naps, and she stuck with us until we found what worked for him. We were so desperate to sleep after a year of tireless nights. We finally have full night sleeps and time to ourselves. Our little boy is much happier and more rested."

- Kadi S. from virginia

5 year old

"My five year old was never a good sleeper. I was starting to think that waking up several times a night and starting our day at 5 am was just our normal. Until I met and worked with Lauren. She was excellent to work with. She was in touch with me as much as I needed throughout the whole process. My son now sleeps through the night and gets up at a more reasonable time in the morning. He is so proud of himself and he is much happier during the day."

- Stefany M. from virginia

13 month old

"Lauren is absolutely amazing to work with. I’m still kicking myself for not finding her sooner. For over a year we struggled with sleep with our little one and eventually got to the point where he was waking every hour if not sooner than that for a bottle. I hit a whole new level of exhaustion and began feeling anxious allllll the time. I gave in and started looking for outside help. The second I heard Lauren’s voice during our discovery call, the biggest amount of stress and anxiety left my body and I knew she would be able to help us through this. With her sleep plan for my son he went from waking 8-10 times a night to sleeping through the night the very first night and EVERY NIGHT since. My husband and I are quite literally on cloud nine and our little one is doing amazing and seems to be liking his independent sleep."

- Mollie C. from Ohio

"...went from waking 8-10 times a night to sleeping through the night the very first night..."

5 month old

"Lauren is amazing! Prior to working with her, we were exhausted, frustrated and feeling hopeless. Our 5 month old would cry hysterically before naps and at bedtime. She was waking every 2-3 hrs all night. Each nap required so much effort from us to get her to sleep. Lauren provided a detailed and personalized sleep plan tailored to our family. At times throughout the process I was discouraged but remained consistent. We started seeing big changes in our daughter's sleep habits. Now, at the end of our two weeks, she is putting herself to sleep without crying and sleeping 8 hour stretches at night! I feel like we are finally able to really enjoy our sweet girl. Lauren was so incredibly supportive throughout the process. She checked in frequently and offered such positive encouragement. I will forever be grateful for Lauren. She really knows what she’s doing!"

- Brittney P. from Virginia

3 year old

"I am so grateful I finally decided to work with Lauren after months of debating! Our 3 year old has been a horrible sleeper from the very beginning and I was ready to have her out of our bed. Within days, our daughter was falling asleep on her own and now she consistently sleeps 7-6:30 which is a dream come true. Lauren is patient, flexible, and knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone struggling to get their little one to sleep!" 

- Jennifer U. from virginia

"...which is a dream come true."


"Lauren is amazing! I was spending 45+ minutes every night and most nap times trying to coax my baby to sleep by rocking. I was desperate for my time back and my poor rocker was starting to have an imprint of my body. I thought this is just what babies do, right? She needs me to be able to fall asleep! - NO! It was hard work, and I was skeptical at times, but I stuck to the plan and what seemed like miracles began to happen. Lots of firsts - first time sleeping through the night, first time falling asleep without the swaddle, first time falling back to sleep on her own after waking up. It was glorious. Now my sweet babe at 4 months old gets laid down in her crib, drowsy but not asleep, and falls asleep on her own - without me rocking, shushing, patting, anything! When we hit the 4 month sleep regression we were equipped with Lauren's teachings and made it through in good shape. So thankful for all that we have learned. Lauren helped give our lives better structure, better sleep, and better tools to continually work with our baby on building life long sleep skills. Thank you, Lauren."  

- Kayla M. from georgia

2 year old

"We are so thankful to have found Lauren and Via Graces! We contacted her when our 2 year old started climbing out of the crib. The sudden transition to the bed was a disaster; he was getting up 4-6 times per night and waking up for the day at 5am. Starting with our very first call and throughout our time working together, Lauren provided insight and encouragement. The sleep plan she prepared was personalized, comprehensive and successful! After just a week, our independent sleeper was back, and we're all so much happier and well-rested. Thank you, Lauren!!"

- Sara Catherine M. from virginia

"...we're all so much happier and well-rested."

3 year old

"Ok, if anyone is struggling with their toddler's sleep, please just do it and work with Lauren. My daughter was the perfect sleeper from 5 weeks old until just before her third birthday. Lauren can tell you, my daughter was INTENSE and completely resisting sleep. Overnight she went from getting 11-12 hours per night to less than 3 non-consecutive hours per night. We still have a few days left working with Lauren, but it took only 2 weeks of the 3 week plan and last night my kiddo slept from 7:05pm-6:55am with no fighting, no wake ups, and no struggles. Thank you, Lauren, for getting us our life back...I was the biggest skeptic!"

- Erika F. From Virginia

4 month old

"We were struggling with our almost 4 month old son resisting napping during the day. It seemed like we were in survival mode and were desperate for more consistency! We decided to hire Lauren and we are SO glad we did! She was incredibly kind and personable, listening to our concerns and answering all of our questions throughout our time together. She gave us a plan specific to our little guy and reviewed it with us carefully. She supported us the entire way, even when we hit some bumps in the road. Our son now is well on his way to napping solidly and independently! We loved working with Lauren and highly recommend her!"

- Lexis R. from pennsylvania

4 month old

"Highly recommend Lauren! I appreciate that she is accommodating of specific family needs and desires. She created a plan for us that was mindful of our needs, yet easy to follow and effective."

- Jordyn S. from pennsylvania

"...accommodating of specific family needs and desires."

18 month old

"Lauren was amazing from our very first interaction. We reached out to her about our third child who was 18 months old, waking up multiple times a night and getting up for the day before 5am! I appreciated that she really took to heart the things about our bedtime routine that were important to us and created a plan that would work with them. By the end of our time working together our kiddo was sleeping past 6 am and sleeping through the night. I would have thought 3 kids in that we had it together but Lauren really had some new tips for us. I would suggest working with Lauren to anyone struggling with their child's sleep."

- Jen W. from Florida

"...she really took to heart the things about our bedtime routine that were important to us...

11 month old

"[Two] words: LIFE CHANGING!!!! We thought our 9 month old was having sleep regression but after nearly 2 months of her progressively getting worse each night and waking up 7 times, vomiting from crying so hard, trying everything possible including letting her sleep in our bed, fussing during the daytime, and hardly taking naps...we decided to try Lauren (who was referred to us by a friend). We didn't even know sleep consultants were a thing. We are so incredibly grateful for her. She has changed our entire family's life. I no longer have to function in zombie mode. Our little Lucy sleeps for about 11 hours each night and takes 2 naps during the daytime. After our free consultation appointment, I had zero doubt in my mind that she was able to help Lucy. Lauren is incredibly professional, genuine, kind, punctual, detail oriented, honest, and knowledgeable not only in sleep but every baby aspect you can think of...She goes above and beyond to make sure your child is on track..."

- Kayla L. from Texas


"Lauren is wonderful to work with! She helped us through the exhausting newborn stage with a lot of great tips, a listening ear, and a wealth of experience from working with other families. Her creative thinking helped us learn how to better meet our baby's needs and get more sleep as well."

- Kayla T. from Virginia

"...great tips, a listening ear, and a wealth of experience..."

5 Month old

"Lauren was absolutely amazing to work with. When we started my son would only sleep on my chest or in my arms and I had to nurse him to sleep for every nap and bedtime. I was absolutely exhausted. We called Lauren and I felt hopeful after the first phone call. She created a specific and detailed plan for us and we implemented it right away. We scheduled phone calls every couple days to check in and make small changes to his schedule to get him where he needed to be. Within the first 2 days we saw BIG changes like him falling asleep without nursing and sleeping in his crib! Now my son falls asleep independently and sleeps through the night and takes amazing naps! I can’t thanks Lauren enough for all her help! She truly helped our whole family as we are now not sleep deprived and much happier! I highly recommend Lauren and her services to help you with your child’s sleep needs!"

- Meredith S. from VIRGINIA

13 month old

"After a year of no sleep and reading every book and trying every trick we reached out to Lauren who was very friendly and helpful through our sleep training process. She was willing to help us problem solve along the way and tailored our plan to meet our family's needs. She gave great recommendations for products and was always willing to listen to concerns or questions to help guide us to better sleep habits for our daughter. We highly recommend her services to anyone struggling with sleep for their child."

- Kate n. from virginia

"After a year of no sleep and reading every book and trying every trick..."

6 month old

“Lauren was great to work with—friendly, supportive, and understanding. I couldn’t believe the progress our baby made in such a short time. Now just a few weeks later—we all feel like new people—because SLEEP!” 

- Angi E. from thailand

9 month old

"My daughter was 9 month when we decided to sleep train her. We had struggled with her sleep for 3 months and nothing seemed to work. She was waking up 4-5 times a night and at times she was awake for 1-2 hours. I was completely exhausted and HATED bedtime. She would only nap if somebody was holding her and at that it wouldn't be very long. I was at the point where I dreaded bedtime! When I contacted Lauren she was very positive and encouraging! Although my daughter was not the easiest to sleep train Lauren always had input on things we could change to make our goal possible. Lauren stayed on with me for the whole 7 weeks until we worked out all the kinks of my daughter's sleep habits. She now sleeps from 7am-7pm in her crib and has 2 great naps. She puts herself to sleep within 5 mins of laying her down and ANYBODY can put her to sleep (which I thought was NEVER possible). She was always available to respond to quick emails during the day and touched based with me once a week on the phone. She was always there to make me feel validated in my decisions and always had words of encouragement. She made the sleep training process as easy as it could be!"

- KAYLA M. from manitoba

2 year old

"Lauren was fantastic to work with. When our almost 3 year old's sleep habits weren’t working for our family anymore, we knew we needed some help. Lauren worked with us in setting a plan, but also tailoring it for us to meet the personality of our child and also what we were comfortable with. Even with our modifications and maybe slower pace, our little one now sleeps in his own bed without complaints all night just within about 2 weeks of working with Lauren. Lauren was available for questions and walking it through with us when things were tough. I think one of the most helpful aspects is that Lauren herself has two little ones and so definitely understands what parents are going through. I know I can count on Lauren for help and advice for my little ones moving forward."

- Jenn T. from maryland

"...tailoring it for us to meet the personality of our child and also what we were comfortable with."

5 month old

"Lauren was great! My son was nearly 5 months old, but just 3 months adjusted, when I decided to reach out to Lauren because I was completely lost trying to figure out how much sleep he should be getting. Lauren jumped at our unique challenge and was able to figure out exactly what worked for our little guy. Throughout the process, Lauren was always supportive and responsive. I am happy to report that our son is now a very well-rested baby!"

- Megan g. from ohio