Baby Sleep 

from A to Z

Teaching you about your little one's sleep, one letter at a time



This is for you if...

• You're too tired to sift through hundreds of pages to learn more about your little one's sleep.
• You want to know what schedules to follow as your baby keeps growing and changing. 
• You're expecting and want to understand your newborn's sleep needs and how those will change as they get older. 
• You want to establish more consistent routines to support your baby's sleep but don't know where to begin.  
• You're looking to learn more about how to navigate your baby's sleep, but you're not yet looking for a sleep plan. 

Learn everything I wish I knew about baby sleep when I had my oldest.

We'll cover some basics about those early newborn days as well as walk through how sleep changes at four months, how to continue adjusting schedules and routines as your baby gets older, drops naps, etc. If you're expecting, this is a great resource for you to start learning now. If you are already enjoying your baby and they're 17 months or younger, this resource will also guide you! 

Note that Baby Sleep from A to Z is NOT a sleep training plan and does not guarantee your little one will sleep through the night by a certain age.

Baby Sleep
from A to Z


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"Lauren is really friendly, and she really knows her stuff! She explains everything well, in a really easy-to-understand way (great for sleep deprived parents!). I'd recommend 'The Baby Sleep from A-Z' to anyone expecting (or who has a baby), as it's a really daunting subject as a new parent, and this resource helped me to discover so much about my baby's sleep that I never knew. I wish it had been around when my baby was tiny!"

- Kirsty K. from United Kingdom

"Expecting twins can be overwhelming by itself...then add on the desire to have our babies sleep so we can sleep too! After watching Baby Sleep A to Z and utilizing the workbook, we feel more informed and empowered to implement what Lauren shared when our babies arrive in a few months. A thorough resource that gives a broad overview, but very clear actionable ideas to help navigate developing healthy sleep habits is a great place to start in getting educated about newborn and baby sleep."

- Leslie L. from New Jersey

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- Heather R. from Virginia

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Will this be helpful if I'm not ready to sleep train?

Yes! Baby Sleep from A to Z is not a sleep plan and does not walk through one method of sleep training. It does, however, give information and routines that will support independent sleep if/when you're ready to sleep train. It also helps parents understand why their baby might be waking in the night so they can decide how they would like to approach sleep. 

Is Baby Sleep from A to Z applicable to twins?

Yes! This will be a great resource to help you understand your babies' sleep so you can start establishing routines early on, as well as building their schedules to best support their sleep needs (and yours!) as they keep getting older. This blog post will also be helpful for you.

My baby is older and we've already done some work on sleep, could this still be helpful?

Most likely! While there is information about newborn sleep, there is also information and schedules about babies' sleep through about 17 months old. One of the motivations behind Baby Sleep from A to Z is that there are some seemingly "simple" tweaks we can make to our little ones' schedules and routines that can quickly solve something like night wakings or early morning wakings, and those are included in this resource.