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4-17 months

independent sleep... in just two weeks.

What if I told you you could lay your baby down, walk away, and know with confidence that he or she will not only fall asleep independently but stay asleep? For naps AND bedtime! Whether you're struggling getting your little one to sleep, or with multiple night wakings, or early mornings, or short naps, it doesn't have to stay that way! Let's work together to implement a sleep training plan that's developmentally appropriate for your child and that works best for your family.

Note that your baby can still learn independent sleep skills and have night feedings if it's developmentally appropriate and/or medically necessary.

Standard Baby Package


questionnaire to understand your family

60-90 minute consultation to review your personalized sleep plan

FOUR follow-up phone calls and two weeks of unlimited Email support 

A Sleep tool kit to navigate future changes

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Basic Baby


QUESTIONNAIRE to understand your family


two support email threads, as needed, throughout the two-week plan

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When we work together

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As your sleep coach, I am confident that with consistency you will see success!

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We will be in touch over the phone and /or email  to further navigate the sleep plan.


We will have a 60-90 minute consultation to go over your
plan in detail.

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Using that questionnaire, I will personalize a plan to best meet your baby's sleep needs.

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 You will fill out a questionnaire about your family and your baby's sleep. 


Choose which baby sleep package will best support your child and family. 

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Kind Words

"[Two] words: LIFE CHANGING!!!! We thought our 9 month old was having sleep regression but after nearly 2 months of her progressively getting worse each night and waking up 7 times, vomiting from crying so hard, trying everything possible including letting her sleep in our bed, fussing during the daytime, and hardly taking naps...we decided to try Lauren (who was referred to us by a friend). We didn't even know sleep consultants were a thing. We are so incredibly grateful for her. She has changed our entire family's life. I no longer have to function in zombie mode. Our little Lucy sleeps for about 11 hours each night and takes 2 naps during the daytime..."

Kayla L. from Texas

Interested in learning more about your baby's sleep?

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Do you use the Cry-it-Out method?

No! The Cry-it-Out method means you lay your baby down, walk away, and no matter what the level of crying is, you stay out of their room until morning. While my sleep training plans do most often involve some crying, I walk parents through a plan to give their baby the time and space they need to fall asleep in their crib, while also comforting them and supporting them along the way. You can read more about my sleep training philosophy (and crying) here

Will this form of sleep training work for breastfed babies?

Yes! As a breastfeeding mom myself, I'm passionate about making sure you know that no matter how you feed your baby, they are capable of sleep! We will practice keeping your baby awake during feeds and separating sleeping from feeding, so your baby does not rely on the breast or bottle feeding to get to sleep. 

Can I sleep train and still give my baby night feeds?

Yes! Babies under 6 months of age, especially, often still need a night feeding, so I will write these feeds right into the plan. Similarly, if your baby has a medical challenge or the doctor has advised you to continue night feeds with your baby, I will personalize the sleep plan around your little one's needs. 

Can we sleep train and still room share?

Yes! While I do not work with families who plan to continue to bed share, you can absolutely still room share and sleep train your baby. 

Do you work with families of multiples?

Yes! Families of twins and triplets are capable of sleep, too. Your babies will be following the same sleep plan and I will personalize the plan according to what your specific family's needs are. 

Can we work together if I don't live in Alexandria, Virginia?

Yes! The beauty of technology is that I am able to work with families local to Northern Virginia, as well as those worldwide! All of our interactions are virtual, whether you're local or not. 

More Questions?

Or wondering if this is the right fit for your family? Book a (free) discovery call to share more about your newborn and your family's sleep goals and I would love to chat more about what it would look like to work together!

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My son was nearly 5 months old, but just 3 months adjusted, when I decided to reach out to Lauren because I was completely lost trying to figure out how much sleep he should be getting. 

Lauren jumped at our unique challenge and was able to figure out exactly what worked for our little guy. 

Megan G. from Ohio