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0-3 months

let's Establish a sleep foundation from the start!

While newborn days will certainly involve sleepless nights, did you know you can navigate those early days with a plan? It's never too early to start establishing routines that will support your baby's sleep from the start and give you all confidence that sleep is possible.  

Note that a newborn plan is not sleep training and sleeping through the night is not a goal or expectation. 

Standard Newborn Package


questionnaire to understand your family

60-90 minute consultation to review your personalized sleep plan

FOUR follow-up phone calls and unlimited Email support until your baby is 12 weeks

A Sleep tool kit to navigate future changes

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Basic Newborn Package


QUESTIONNAIRE to understand your family


two support email threads, as needed, until your baby is 12 weeks

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When we work together

at A quick glance

You will walk away with established sleep routines and a foundation for your newborn. 

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We will be in touch over the phone and /or email  to further navigate the sleep plan.


We will have a 60-90 minute consultation to go over your
plan in detail.

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Using that questionnaire, I will personalize a plan to best meet your newborn's sleep needs.

personalize a Plan

You will fill out a questionnaire  about your family and your newborn's sleep. 


Choose which newborn sleep package will best support your baby and family. 

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Kind Words

"I used to FEAR the nights, but now I actually ENJOY them...Lauren graciously answered ALL my questions and helped me creatively problem solve for both my newborn AND my toddler (whose sleep continued to be all over the place until we got help!). Her knowledge, resources and experience truly helped transform our daily life from one of survival to all of us THRIVING because we were actually sleeping! With her help both my newborn and toddler sleep wonderfully, through illness, teething, any transition you name it! And instead of dreading the nights, my husband and I can relax and enjoy putting our kiddos to bed and having the rest of our evenings in peace... We don’t have to be terrified of the nights like I was! There’s hope and HELP! "

Heather R. from Virginia

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Interested in learning more about your Newborn's sleep?

Baby sleep from a to z


Is this sleep training?

No! Sleep training is not yet developmentally appropriate for newborns, as they do not have the ability to self-soothe. We will be working together to set a sleep foundation - establishing routines, following awake times, helping your baby fall asleep in their bassinet, and more. And don't worry, there will be plenty of time to enjoy all those sweet newborn snuggles!

Will a newborn sleep plan work for breastfed babies?

Yes! As a breastfeeding mom myself, I'm passionate about making sure you know that no matter how you feed your baby, they are capable of sleep! We will practice keeping your newborn awake during feeds and separating sleeping from feeding, so your baby does not rely on the breast or bottle feeding to get to sleep. 

Will my newborn sleep through the night by the end of the plan?

While I have seen some newborns start sleeping through the night by the end of our time together, that is not the norm nor the expectation. It is very developmentally appropriate for your baby to still need night feedings, and your sleep plan will walk through how to navigate those feedings. 

Can we work together if I don't live in Alexandria, Virginia?

Yes! The beauty of technology is that I am able to work with families local to Northern Virginia, as well as those worldwide! All of our interactions are virtual, whether you're local or not. 

More Questions?

Or wondering if this is the right fit for your family? Book a (free) discovery call to share more about your newborn and your family's sleep goals and I would love to chat more about what it would look like to work together!

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Lauren is wonderful to work with! She helped us through the exhausting newborn stage with a lot of great tips, a listening ear, and a wealth of experience from working with other families. 

Her creative thinking helped us learn how to better meet our baby's needs and get more sleep as well.

Kayla T. from Virginia