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Whether you call them the “Terrible Twos and Threes” or “Terrific Twos and Threes,” we all know that toddler life is crazy –  good crazy and messy crazy. With this newfound independence and language often comes some sort of sleep regression or change in sleep patterns, and one great tool to introduce at this time […]

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bedtime routine

When I was first told 3.5 years ago that I should establish a nap and bedtime routine with my baby girl, I was a little overwhelmed. What would we do? What song should we sing? Would this really matter for a newborn? What if we somehow messed it up? So Jason and I chatted through […]

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daylight savings

This year, all of our clocks will “fall back” early in the morning of Sunday, November 6, while we’re all (hopefully!) still sleeping. Before having kids, I LOVED when it was time to fall back every year because that meant an extra hour of sleep! And who doesn’t love more sleep?? As a parent, however, […]

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sleep on airplane

Yep, it is possible for your baby or toddler to sleep on an airplane! Getting them to sleep while traveling or in a new environment can be stressful enough, but I think getting your child to sleep on an airplane is at the top of that list of stressors. A few summers ago we got […]

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birth story

“My babies don’t drop until they drop.” I wish I would have counted the number of times I said that sentence while pregnant with Avery. I said it every time someone said, “You’re carrying so high!” Or, “You still haven’t dropped!” (And they clearly thought I should have by then.) And every appointment those final […]

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I saw a post online a few days ago with a picture of a baby nursery – the only thing in it was a crib, and the caption read something like, “All you need in a baby’s room.” And it’s so true! There are certainly “must haves” when it comes to a sleep environment, but […]

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Imagine falling asleep in the softest, coziest, warmest environment you can imagine, and then waking up a few hours later on a cold, hard floor, without any pillows or blankets. You would probably wake up confused, angry, and maybe even scared, as you have no idea what happened, and you don’t like it. This is […]

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There is a big misconception around infant and child sleep that some kiddos are just good sleepers and some are not, and that they’ll eventually teach themselves to fall asleep. Which then equates to, sorry parents, welcome to a potentially very long season of exhaustion, it’s just the way it is, good luck. I’m here […]

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Hi everybody! My name is Lauren Engler, and I am the face and heart behind Via Graces! I am a pediatric sleep consultant in Northern Virginia, am passionate about getting all kiddos and families sleeping well (and I dream of also becoming a doula one day!). As you may guess, I love all things pregnancy, […]

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Being a parent is beautiful and messy, but when it comes to most things in parenting, all it takes is a plan - AND a whole lot of grace. Each week, Lauren will share new sleep tips and tricks, or simply real life parenting moments. She'll also interview other experts to share practical advice to help us navigate pregnancy, birth, babies, and beyond, with "plans" and "graces."