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A Guide to Bedtime Routines for Babies and Young Kids

Learn how your little one's bedtime routine will continue changing from newborn to baby, and baby to toddler!

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I’m excited to share this blog post with you! I am interviewing Maura, who is not only a mama I formerly worked with, but she’s now another sleep consultant working with me here at Via Graces! We’re going to dig into the “before” sleep training, the “during” sleep training, and the “after” sleep training, to […]

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When babies and toddlers get stuck in a pattern of waking up early to start the day, that often means they also nap early and then have to go to bed early, and the cycle just keeps repeating…and it’s frustrating! And that “early to rise, early to bed” cycle can be tough to break – […]

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Hey y’all, my name is Maura! I’m a Pediatric Sleep Consultant currently living in Oceans Springs, Mississippi. I’m excited to have joined the Via Graces team in common purpose – helping families attain their individual sleep needs, with grace. So why become a sleep consultant? My passion for purpose and kindness while connecting with people is […]

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Melatonin supplements for kids is a topic that comes up often in the pediatric sleep world. As a sleep consultant, I have had many families come to me whose toddlers or school-aged children are having trouble falling asleep on their own and/or staying asleep all night long, and they feel like they’ve tried everything they […]

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With our first baby, we really new nothing about sleep. I babysat my whole life and was an elementary teacher, so I felt good about my knowledge of kids. I had heard about sleep training and the tough, sleepless nights, but surely that wouldn’t be our case. HA! To be honest, our oldest was a […]

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daylight savings

Raise your hand if you think daylight savings should just be done away with! (You can’t see me right now, but my hand is raised high.) The good news is that “springing forward” isn’t nearly as brutal as “falling back”; the clock will say 7:00 am when you wake up rather than 6:00 am, woohoo! […]

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Eufy baby monitor

Deciding on which products you’re going to register for and buy when you are preparing to have a baby is overwhelming. There are “must have” products, “would be nice to have” products, and “really don’t need products.” But everyone has different items in each of those categories, and what’s a “must” for one family may […]

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awake windows

If you have done much research in the newborn and baby sleep world, you’ve likely heard the term “awake windows,” or “wake windows.” It’s quite the buzzword when it comes to baby sleep, but there’s also a lot of confusion and misunderstanding around it. So in this blog post, I’m going to break down wake […]

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“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” I absolutely love this time of year and the excitement that builds as the holidays draw near, however there is also a lot of hustle and bustle that can come with it that can prove stressful. And with this year looking especially different as we’re still in […]

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When we were pregnant with our first, the idea of a birth center birth or a home birth certainly intrigued me, but my husband and I weren’t yet comfortable with that idea, so we delivered Olivia in a hospital using a midwife practice. (You can read about Olivia’s birth story here.) With our second daughter, […]

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Being a parent is beautiful and messy, but when it comes to most things in parenting, all it takes is a plan - AND a whole lot of grace. Each week, Lauren will share new sleep tips and tricks, or simply real life parenting moments. She'll also interview other experts to share practical advice to help us navigate pregnancy, birth, babies, and beyond, with "plans" and "graces."