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Traveling with little ones can be overwhelming. You want to enjoy the new adventures, but you also know sleep is really important. So how do you balance it all? In this blog post, I share our top tips for helping your little ones sleep while you’re traveling. So this week, I’m giving you a real-life […]

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Sleep training and how we approach sleep with our kids, in general, is a hot topic. Then bring that topic into a family where people might have different opinions and things can get tricky – especially with grandparents! The way my parents approached sleep, and just the knowledge around sleep, was so different when I […]

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I often remind families that our kids are real human beings, not robots. So yes, while we can get your child’s sleep to an amazing and consistent place, we can also expect off-nights to happen. As a sleep consultant and mom, I want you to know that my wonderful sleepers are also human. So in […]

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When we were pregnant with our first, the idea of a birth center birth or a home birth certainly intrigued me, but my husband and I weren’t yet comfortable with that idea, so we delivered Olivia in a hospital using a midwife practice. (You can read about Olivia’s birth story here.) With our second daughter, […]

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All it Takes Is a Plan

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Being a parent is beautiful and messy, but when it comes to most things in parenting, all it takes is a plan - AND a whole lot of grace. Each week, Lauren will share new sleep tips and tricks, or simply real life parenting moments. She'll also interview other experts to share practical advice to help us navigate pregnancy, birth, babies, and beyond, with "plans" and "graces."