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Millard toddler travel mattress

I don’t know about you, but when my daughter transitioned from her crib to her big bed, I wasn’t quite sure what traveling would look like. She had slept in a pack ‘n play until that point and she still moved around a lot while sleeping, so I wasn’t ready to just stick her in […]

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pacifiers and sleep

Pacifiers and sleep are a HOT topic. It seems as though some babies have a pacifier in their mouths all day long, some parents don’t want their little ones to get attached to their pacifier so they never use one at all, and most other people are somewhere in between. As a sleep consultant, I […]

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nap routines

If you’ve done some digging into baby and toddler sleep, even just a little bit, you’ve certainly read about bedtime routines. Consistent bedtime routines are SO important, to help our littles ones mentally register that sleep is coming and for their physical bodies to continue preparing for a long stretch of sleep (think melatonin!). While […]

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baby deedee sleep sack

Cold weather is approaching quickly in Northern Virginia, and if you’re farther north, it has probably fully arrived! So with the cold weather, questions about how to keep your baby warm is an important question to ask – how to keep your little one warm when outside playing, in the car as it’s still heating, […]

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I’m certainly not claiming to be a mom blogger about all things toys, activities, how to keep your toddlers and little ones occupied, etc – Busy Toddler and Days with Grey are my go-to’s there! But I am a mama of a 4 year old and 2 year old, I babysat my way through middle […]

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milk supply and sleep

I still remember the first time my oldest slept through the night. It was actually a total fluke (she was 8ish weeks old) and she didn’t do it again until she was 10 months old and we sleep trained. BUT I vividly remember waking up that morning and my boobs HURT. They were so full […]

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“Never wake a sleeping baby.” My guess is that most of you have heard this piece of advice at one time or another, and if you haven’t, you just wait! While I certainly don’t enjoy waking up a sleeping child, sometimes it’s necessary for the sake of other naps or overnight sleep. So in this […]

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toddler pillow and blanket

There are some milestones in parenting that shake you a bit more than others. A classic one is when your child starts calling you “Mom” or “Mommy,” rather than “Mama.” One that totally blindsided me was starting to use two piece pajamas rather then onesie pajamas. Then there are a lot of milestones parents look […]

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toddler sleep regressions

Something about the term “sleep regression” still makes my skin crawl, even as a sleep consultant. Although we often hear about baby sleep regressions, toddler sleep regressions are just as real, and honestly, sometimes more challenging! Now, if you Google “toddler sleep regressions,” you’re likely going to see blog posts galore about the 18 month […]

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I’ve had friends cancel travel plans because their child’s sleep is such a challenge and they don’t want to risk it getting worse. OR they go on vacation and are miserable the whole time because no one gets any sleep. Sound familiar? If so, it doesn’t have to be that way! Sure, your child’s sleep […]

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Being a parent is beautiful and messy, but when it comes to most things in parenting, all it takes is a plan - AND a whole lot of grace. Each week, Lauren will share new sleep tips and tricks, or simply real life parenting moments. She'll also interview other experts to share practical advice to help us navigate pregnancy, birth, babies, and beyond, with "plans" and "graces."