June 8, 2020

Using the SlumberPod to Keep Sleep Intact

Babies, Toddlers

If you’ve heard me talk sleep for any amount of time, you’ve likely heard me talk about the importance of your child’s room being DARK – we’re talking, I-can’t-see-my-hand-in-front-of-my-face dark.

Although there are many blackout curtains on the market, I have found that very few actually black out a room (talk about a sleep consultant’s greatest pet peeve!).

You can find a few good “permanent” solutions to darkening your child’s room here, but with summer fast approaching (hello, later sunsets and potential travel), I want to talk all things SlumberPod with you!

This pod is hands-down one of the most brilliant sleep products out there, and if you’re entering this summer without it, here are a few reasons why you might want to reconsider!


SlumberPod Perks

  • The SlumberPod is made with breathable fabric, while also providing total darkness for your sleeping child.
  • It has a pocket for your video monitor so you can still have eyes on your little one.
  • The SlumberPod packs up easily and can fit in a carry-on.
  • It’s also lightweight! It weighs a mere 5 pounds.
  • It will fit over your pack ‘n play, mini-crib, and/or toddler cot.


SlumberPod Uses

Room Sharing

If you room share with your child, whether that be due to living in a small space or by choice, the SlumberPod will be your new best friend! Not only is it a physical barrier so your child can’t roll over and see you, but it is a barrier that allows you to still send a text message, read a book in bed, turn the lights on to find your pajama pants, etc, all without the fear of disrupting your baby’s sleep.


If you will be staying in a hotel and therefore room sharing, or renting a vacation home and in need of an extra sleeping space for your child, the SlumberPod provides that separate space! No more need to take over the closet or spare bathroom (and yes, I’ve done both!).


If you know you will be visiting with a friend or family member for the day, rather than worrying about your child’s naps, bring a pack ‘n play and your SlumberPod so you can continue your visit while also ensuring your child gets the rest he needs (and the visit you need!).


If you are sleep training your twins, I suggest night training in the same room and nap training in separate rooms. If you do not have an extra room for one of your twins to nap in, you can use the SlumberPod in a lower-trafficked area of your home to create a separate napping space.


SlumberPod and Toddlers

Because toddlers are so much more aware of their surroundings, I do suggest parents practice sleeping in it at home at least once before using it while away.

First, simply set the SlumberPod up and let your toddler play inside! You can even join him so it’s extra special; this will help him feel more comfortable.

Bedtime is a more ideal time to practice sleeping than nap time, because naps are the trickier part of the sleep puzzle as is, and we want to give your toddler the best set up for trying something new; so do it at bedtime when melatonin is on his side.

Finally, if your toddler is at all nervous about the zipper, consider keeping the flap open at bedtime and zip it once you know he’s fast asleep.


Our family heads on vacation this weekend, and the last thing we want is super early morning wakings due to the sun peaking through the blinds, or an overtired baby from short carrier and car naps.

While we expect to be out of routine when away and our 7.5 month old will certainly have many naps on the go, we will try to get one nap at our rental each day, and we’ll have our SlumberPod with us to ensure great naps and her full 11-12 hours of sleep each night.

Ooo, did I mention that if you use the code “GRACES10” at checkout, you get a $20 DISCOUNT?! Could it get any better than that??

With Grace,


Note that I am a part of SlumberPod’s affiliate program, but this blog post is my opinion from personal use!